TIL That Canada has an act/law (The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act) that in the event that you need to call 911 for someone who’s overdosed, you won’t get arrested for possession of controlled substances charges, and breach of conditions regarding the drug charge

All this talk about how great Canada is by non-Canadians helps keep our problems hidden. Like the fact that indigenous people in this country are treated like trash. Google the water crisis on First Nations reserves in Canada. Google reserves in Canada having 3rd world living standards. You think if a native person in possession of drugs reported an OD he'd get a pat on the back? Bitch please! I saw a native guy get the shit kicked out of him by 3 cops because he stole some food from the grocery store. the guy was crying and pleading for them to stop. I find it really hard to get on board with all this romanticism of Canada. My experience of this country doesn't align with any of it.

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