TIL Cats are thought to be primarily responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds.

You are nothing more than a hypocrite.

You also do all those things. AND you own a cat.

So while we each have a roughly similar effect on the global environment, I have far less of an impact on my local environment by not buying a creature literally designed to hunt and kill everything within its territory for fun. See how it works? Every time your little shitball brings you a dead blue tit, I have an alive one eating from my bird feeder. Every time it brings you a chaffinch it killed, I have them flying about in my garden. You know, because I feed them and provide them bird boxes, not rape their existence through my own selfishness.

you would give up these things you do not need.

Already have. Already have. You are projecting and assuming everyone is as grossly irresponsible as you are.

You should have been put down. You have caused far more damage to the planet than any cat has.

I was only joking about kicking the cat, I don't like to hurt animals if I can avoid it. No, what happens is my dad brings round his ratter; a rescued wire haired terrier. the things a fucking lunatic (it goes for Rottweilers). And I'm being very fucking serious right now, it has ripped three cats to fucking pieces so far (I'm sure you're cool with that after all, it's just nature at work, and it's cruel not to let dogs out and to follow their instincts)


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