TIL Chess Grand Master Ossip Bernstein was arrested by the Bolshevik secret police and ordered to be shot. As the firing squad lined up, an officer asked if he was really the famous chess master. The officer made Bernstein play a game for his life against him. Bernstein won easily and was released.

Dude, this is a holocaust denial group, a group that consistently parrots Nazi propaganda. When a group like this talks about jews, they are in every case talking about how the jews have something to benefit from lying about the Holocaust, and how there is an "international jewish conspiracy". A conspiracy theory commonly promoted by holocaust deniers and Nazis is the "judaeo-bolshevik" or "kultural-bolshewismus" or "cultural marxism". A central part of it is trying to directly prove the link between the "international Jewish conspiracy" and Marxist/Bolshevik revolutions. So when a Holocaust denial group talks about the role of Jews in the Russian revolution, and people go around linking this article, it makes one a bit suspicious. So the motives behind the comment are always relevant. Always.

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