TIL As a child, Jane Goodall's father gave her a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee as an alternative to a teddy bear. Goodall has said her fondness for this figure started her early love of animals. Today, Jubilee still sits on Goodall's dresser in London.

I feel you. I had a stuffed monkey named George. Thinking back, he wasn't exactly cute. He wasn't really soft and he didn't have much stuffing in him. His hands, feet, mouth and ears were rubber or plastic...I can't remember which, I just remember them being cold.

But he was a gift from my 2nd grade teacher and I loved him. I grew up in an abusive home and I never got any toys. The teacher didn't know about the abuse (at least as far as I know), but she knew we were poor. When I came back from Christmas break one year, she asked me what Santa brought me and I told her nothing. She said something like "no dolls or stuffed animals? Nothing at all?" I told her we didn't really celebrate Christmas.

The next day she brought me George. She told me she'd keep him for me til the end of the school year. She left him in my cubby so I could play with him during breaks. I thought it was a bit odd that she didn't just let me take him home right away.

A few years later, my sister told me that the teacher had contacted my mom and given her a few presents to give to us, because she assumed my mom couldn't afford anything and not that she was an asshole. My mom tossed them all in the trash. I guess my teacher put 2 and 2 together and realized my mom didn't give us the toys, so she didn't want the monkey to be taken if I took it home.

Of course that's what happened when I finally brought George home. Years later I tried to find a similar stuffed monkey but I couldn't find one that resembled him at all. I still miss him.

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