TIL in the coldest of Russia's northern towns, people will leave their cars running from Fall to Spring lest the car batteries freeze solid.

How fucking hard is it to understand you fucking idiot? That's the reality of the situation. They live there now. That is just how it is. Unless you have a time machine and can go back to the 30's Soviet Union and prevent then from putting a bunch of slave labor there, there's nothing that can be realistically done. Unless of course you have the magic to teleport them all to a newly built city in Southwestern Russia, a city built with no pollution (just creating the concrete and asfalt for the infrastructure of a few city blocks will pollute FAR more than having these diesel cars running idle for decades.). They're too remote and too many. That is completely ignoring the ethical side of taking people away from there homes.

These are the absolute LAST people you should go after. Having a warm car can be thr matter of life or death for these people. If they can't have a way to get around or a car than can reliably stand the climate they could die. You on the other hand don't need the phone or computer you're writing this on now, that was created by slave labor in Africa for the parts the battery uses and the slave labor of rare earth metals in China in the construction of the microchips uses. Give that up before telling +300k people with no realistic possibility of moving, that they should.

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