TIL the Communist party of India(Marxist) doesn't believe in the Big bang theory or General relativity. Invites "working class" to rise to the challenge posed by Black Holes.

So since a scientific theory doesn't go by what you believe it should be opposed ? do you even realize what you are saying ? This exactly like Christians opposing evolution because its against what they believe. This exactly why many say communism is the religion of 20th century. When an ideology presents itself as the ultimate truth and tries to shoehorn itself into everything and opposes everything that is contrary to its belief , it ceases to be an ideology and becomes a cult. Is there any rule that everything in nature has follow rules of dialectical materialism ? No.
Is the theory of dialectical materialism a fundamental law like theory of relativity? No . An ideology which literally thinks everything what they believe is supreme and true even when there is no proof of what they is true and claim themselves to be progressive and free thinkers, you get the religion of communism. For a second, step and think how is this any different from Christians opposing creationism and hardcore hinduthavadis claim ancient indians knew genetic engineering and cloning?

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