TIL that Confederate soldiers could not be buried in national cemeteries, nor were they afforded any benefits from the United States Government. When the reburial corps in the late 1860s found remains on battlefields, they'd remove the Union soldiers and leave the Confederates.

Yup. Half my family was left in fields, the other did just fine. The half left in fields are still gun nut Trumper anti-vax morons, the other half educated, electricians, Veterans, and healthy. My Uncle only recently hid his "Sons of the C-Traitors" bullcrap. We dont speak.

And Im not BSing either, Dads side while Mormon (ewww) was legit and I was fouth generation Veteran. Moms side one single Draft to Vietnam, more guns then braincells, and until recently flew the Conf-loser flag higher them My flag. Funny how thatt works out huh? The divorce sucked when I was a kid, but the difference in family is day and night.

Perhaps if they had quit fucking, and collecting guns, and Took Care of their lost it wouldnt be like this. But they chose bitch and whine, no one Stopped them, just no one Chose to. Just another reason they have no real honor. Fuck them for what they did to My America.

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