TIL cows have best friends, and get stressed when separated.

No, AIing dairy cattle to risk of injury to them through natural breeding and improve the genetics of the future herd so that they are healthier than the previous is not analogous to rape.

As somebody who grew up raising beef cattle, has worked in the dairy industry, has studied the science of ruminant physiology and nutrition for six years and will do so for the rest of my career - AND HAS BEEN RAPED TWICE - you have no idea how INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE this analogy is.

Currently, all of my time goes to my doctoral studies where my research will improve our understanding of ruminant physiology so that we can better care for our animals. But my anchor in this is more than my academics and background. I have grieved losing cows like I’ve grieved losing family members. I recognize the individual in every cow that I’ve ever met, seen the bonds they form firsthand, and form those bonds with them myself. My entire life has been to this point and will continue to be dedicated to caring for cattle.

I have far more experience and basis to my perspectives than you will ever have.

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