TIL the earliest known reference to Christ refers to him as a magician.

Your point is appreciated. Theological and historical proofs are definitely different. But the Bible is not only a book of theology. It is also a well-attested historical text. It is actually many historical texts, combined into one larger volume. And it's not like saying the creation narrative is real because the Bible says so, because the creation story is in poetic format (which is often symbolic) and there is only one account of it (instead of 4-5, which we have for Jesus life/death/resurrection) and the creation account does not claim to be nor does it resemble an eyewitness account. Have a look at some of the links on that last website regarding the reasons he believes the New Testament gospels are bona fide eyewitness testimonies. Very interesting.

If you're not willing to read the rest of the links I provided (which you asked me for), then at least consider this, which I consider to be a pretty challenging contemplation: Why did the disciples lay down their lives for the cause of Christ? As you are no doubt aware, all but one of the disciples were executed (and many in torturous ways) simply for their faith and teaching. If Jesus did NOT rise from the dead, why would they suddenly come out of hiding (they all scattered and hid when Jesus was arrested), band together, and preach that Jesus had risen again with such conviction that they were willing to suffer and die for it?

Hopefully those links are a starting point for you! I'm still not sure whether you are hoping to argue me out of what you consider a foolish perspective, or whether you are genuinely curious about what I believe and why, but if it is the latter, I hope you will be able and willing to do some of your own research. Perhaps try "The Case for Christ", by Lee Strobel. Pretty widely known book, and his approach is worthwhile. Similar history to J. Warner Wallace, from the Cold Case Christianity website/book, but in Strobel's case he was an investigative journalist. Happy studying! May you find truth which exceeds both of our current understanding.

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