TIL that the film V for Vendetta aired completely uncensored on China's national television in 2012. When asked, the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television said it was not aware of a ban on the anarchist film

I think you just proved my point...

Half based on Guy Fawkes and half based on another story is still based on Guy Fawkes in my book.

The creator blended elements from the story of Guy Fawkes with the story from "The Doll" and just switched up the ending to fit better with his personal opinions on Guy Fawkes Day.

The fact remains that there's alot of inspiration from Guy Fawkes in V for Vendetta and if Guy Fawkes had never existed then V for Vendetta would have been a totally different movie/comic/whatever.

When elements of a true story are essential to the plot of a fictional story I call that being based in part on a true story and its just easier to say "based on" in casual conversation.

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