TIL in Finland, fines are based on income. In 2002, a Nokia executive was fined with a US$103,000 speeding ticket.

I love that applying logic has been over come by buzz words. Separate water fountains isn't a slippery slope. It literally happened. That is not some imagined conclusion that never happened. It is from exactly this type of behavior.

When we are talking about increasing the fine based on income the question "are you speeding" has already been answered. Habitual offending has been built into the laws themselves. With enough time between tickets there is no addition to the normal fine. If they happen enough times in a short amount of time then the person can lose their license or even go to jail. That's equal application of the law across all groups of people. Saying that men get 2 tickets in 6 months and women get 3 tickets in 6 months before losing their license is grouping.

Based on that last question it seems like you really don't understand. Registering as a sex offender and being a parolee is part of the punishment for breaking the law. Application of the punishment should be equal for all people guilty of committing the same crime. Changing the punishment because they've been grouped based on income is totally different then what you're trying to make it.

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