TIL this is the first Dank Gif [Link inside]

Nothing wrong with incestuous roleplay, especially in public it can really get your jollies on, I've got quite a brother sister kink given the fact that I had a beautiful promiscuous older sister who had many hot friends and was just close enough in age to me that we experimented sexually together throughout our early teens. I have many fond memories of sitting at my playstation and her coming up to me and saying "goddammit phatwaj you left your shit all over the bathroom and I have to shave my pussy" and you stammer and sweat because you know what she does in the shower and you might have peeped at her naked a few times and even "massaged" her in a subtle and non erotic manner after her long lacrosse practice and even when she catches you with your eye at the crack in the door she winks and twirls pretending like you're not there, talking to herself in a sexy way like "wow my pussy looks good, I think my tits are getting bigger too were my nipples always this perky?" even when she's on the toilet trumpeting a turbulent bowel creation and you're close enough to even smell the burning odorous treasure and she draws out the moans and grunts just for you because she knows you're there and you're standing at the door about to blow up and you immediately run back to your room and masturbate while listening to Kenny Loggins on the stereo to cover up the sound of you furiously and passionately stroking your cock imagining her coming into your room and saying "hey, I couldn't sleep, I know we're older now but maybe we could share a bed just for comfort's sake like we used to?" and damned if she isn't on top of you, murmuring about the family vacation from 2002 when you first saw her naked and she's slowly stroking your cock as you lay wide-eyed and eventually she shits on your chest with a giggle and tosses you a paper towel as she saunters out of the room back to her bed.

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