TIL GM recalled 800k cars in 2014 for faulty ignitions. The cars would shut off while being driven which meant drivers lost power steering/brakes, and the airbags wouldn't deploy. They knew about the problem since 2005 but never fixed it because it would be 'too expensive'. 124 people died.

My dad crashed his Jeep about a month after buying it when someone swerved across multiple lanes of traffic to make it to the interstate exit ramp in time. My dad describes it as looking like a monster truck crushing a car (the Jeep being the monster truck). When they did repairs, the engine computer wasn't fully watertight anymore so every time there was heavy rain, his car would turn off. He got so used to it that he would just casually start to merge right as he was attempting to restart his car. Most of the time he could get it going again before making it to the shoulder, but every once in a while he'd have to fully pull over and stop on the side of the interstate. It sounds incredibly annoying to me, but he had that Jeep for another decade.

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