TIL that having a credit card balance greater than 30% of your credit limit will negatively affect your credit score.

Number 4 is true for those who are wondering. MesacForestwolf mentioned the bill cycle cut off date which is the same as the statement end date. This is different from your actual due date.

May not hurt you short term, but showing $0 on your bill statement every month does not help in the long run. The reason is because the credit card company is seeing zero activity on your credit card if you pay off your current balance before the statement end date. The statement end date is the day your credit card company reports to the credit bureaus(s). So if you show $0 by the time the credit card company reports to the bureau, then you have no payment history reported which payment history is the largest factor (35%) used in calculating your credit score.

If you want to boost your credit scores, you need to have a long history of good on-time payments. This doesn't mean that you should be spending more or carry a large balance. Instead, you want to pay your current balance down to 30% or less preferably under 10% by the statement end date. I like to pay my balance down to a couple of dollars right before the statement end date, so that the credit card company could report that small balance to the credit bureaus. Then when you get your bill, you can just pay off that statement balance in full. You get the benefits of payment history and low utilization rate.

Hope this helps. Credit can be confusing.

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