TIL Jeffrey Dahmer accidentally roofied himself once instead of the intended victim, and he awoke to find that they had robbed him of several items of his clothing, $300, and a watch.

Yup, but they left out the experiments Dahmer did to create a sex zombie/ slave. Someone who wouldn’t ever leave him. cannibalism, torture, childhood tendencies and alot has been covered pretty good. But I don’t know why they left that part out.

They only showed the drilling and chopping up of bodies by non verbal cues. I feel they wanted to cover the side of the story through his lens and what his family went through.

I think the series did a really good job in changing the perspective and also included the gaping holes in the police system considering the neighbour (Glenda) had always been suspicious and called the police multiple times.

Also how the police returned a 14year old back to Dahmer who almost escaped.

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