TIL The last person to be convicted of blasphemy in the United States was an Arkansas man who in 1928 put a sign in his storefront reading, "Evolution Is True. The Bible's a Lie. God's a Ghost." He spent 3 months in jail.

The people use their beliefs to keep good people from being married and they use these beliefs to force good people to carry children

Without religion, there sure would be no intolerance, prolife or homophobia.

They are bad people and I do not respect them. Fuck them.

Fuck people for using their beliefs to fuck other people. That is a nice belief you have there.

Religion is just a tool, if it didn't exist there would be other tools, it sure is a convenient one but "bad people use beliefs to power their intolerance, therefore beliefs are bad" is a really simplified view on things. Bad people are bad, beliefs can be exploited, these beliefs don't have to be religious beliefs although it is a convenient one.

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