TIL I learned that it was 'bizarre and a little creepy' for me to have posted a pic of my 12 week ultrasound as part of my announcement.

I'd be a maaajor hypocrite to judge anyone for using a relatively anonymous platform as a place to vent, haha. Lord knows it helped me tonight to calm down.

It was in the context of a comment in regards to social media and pregnancy and pics of children being on social media. My opinion is that the same sentiment could have been expressed without calling me creepy (like, "my SIL shares on social media but I'm not comfortable doing that", rather than dragging me) but, oh well. I have my reasons for doing things the way I have, and she has hers. I just don't know why I deserve to be judged in the places where I differ from her.


That's the picture I posted way back when. I thought it was fairly innocuous.

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