TIL a man from China bought a first class ticket which came with access to a VIP lounge that had lots of free food. He rescheduled over 300 times in a year to enjoy over 300 free meals. When investigated, he canceled the ticket and got a full refund.

What, I'm not allowed to have opinions based on 30 years of experience with a particular ethnic group? Just because I work with self entitled rude douchebags who take advantage of everything around them, steal, take, soil, I have to just sit back and smile and go, "Oh dear!". What experience in life, other than gaming and suckling on your mommas teats do you have? 6 years on reddit and almost zero contribution, Have you even left the town you were born in? What do YOU know about life? Go you have a degree in anything? What have yo ever accomplished beside being an anonymous smart ass hiding behind a keyboard. You want to go up against me? Take your shot man.

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