TIL The man who succeeded Ronald Reagan as Governor of California, and the man who succeeded Arnold Schwarzenegger, also as Governor, is in fact the same man. Jerry Brown was elected for his 1st term in 1974, served two terms, and 28 years later returned to serve another 8 years.

That's not even half of it. Vehicle registration rose under this same law by $75-$175. I pay just as much as a car note for my vehicle's registration in California before this stupid fucking law came into effect. Now I pay more than a car note for my vehicle's registration!

Oh, and if you have an electric car, your vehicle registration rose by at least $100. Why? Because fuck you!

Never mind how fucked up our roads were and still have been. We already pay tons of money for roadwork and it always gets sent elsewhere than to the places that really need it like my old neighborhood.

Of course this wasn't a proposition that the public voted on. This was something this fuckup of a governor and his cronies voted in themselves.

Not to mention he was involved in that tax on businesses that were online only. I think they called it the Brick and Mortar tax or something that was applauded by companies like Walmart to target businesses like Amazon. Why? Because they couldn't properly compete against online only retailers so they were getting the government to make it difficult for any businesses without a physical presence in the state to "even the playing field". And this moron put it through.

Fuck this guy so fucking hard. I cannot wait until he's voted out this November. Older people warned us about him because he pulled some of the same shit back when he had his first term.

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