TIL a Michigan woman traded her Twitter handle @DietDrPepper to the Dr. Pepper parent corporation for a truckload of bottled water, which she sent to Flint, Michigan during the contaminated water crisis.

And if it is broke in a dying town, don't care that it's being poisoned by lead water but pretend to "crack down" and get political justice for the criminal mismanagement that lead (funny) to this abhorrent situation.

Pisses me off that our elected officials can't approve a new supreme court justice, can't pass funding for fighting a malicious disease without trying to defunding women's health clinics, can confess that every man is created equal but proudly professes that the almighty dollar is an immortal citizen that's always allowed to speak but never has to pay the consequence, can spend billions of dollars for foreign democratic elections, benghazi hearings, and arming insurgent rebels but cannot offer a reasonable healthcare program or keep public education competitive, won't work together to change the system that puts men away for life because of incorrect paperwork but thinks it's completely reasonable that the amount of money spent by multinational corporations on the presidential election campaigns is an earmark away from fixing Flint's water issue, and refuses to admit that there exists a fundamental problem in our government when political credit is available to be lauded to a certain set of persons for refusing to find compromise over trivial matters and thus halts the gears of the greatest timepiece created for the people, by the people.

How in the fuck did the generations before us allow for greed to not be a damning offense? Look, humans are innately morally insecure and from that insecurity, religion established the good and the bad. That furthered to a centralization of moral authority in governance, as we approached existential awareness and around the enlightenment, we decided it was best if we removed our sporadic loyalties from the reigns. We shifted from a dictator to monarchies to democracies all while moving all moral decisions into two stocks: money and time--the two things our nation uses to punish and empower.

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