TIL Mississippi, the poorest state, has 33,792 millionaires and 12 billionaires.

This starts to get at the differences between wealth, income, and cash flow/liquidity as well as absolute vs relative differences with cost of living that a lot of people don't think about.

On paper, until recently a homeless bankrupt guy on the street had a higher net worth than me but I have never been interested in switching places because while I have plenty of student loan debt that's meant I had a negative net worth, my good engineering job meant I could easily afford to pay my debt even if I don't love having it.

One thing I will differentiate as well is those have a high income but low cash flow vs high cash flow. There are plenty of people that have good jobs but are still stressed out about money because they found out they can finance a BMW, buy a massive house, and they grown accustomed to plenty of luxuries but this does leave them needing to put a lot of their money every month to obligations they signed up for so they are still stressed out of their mind about money.

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