TIL Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test

You completely gloss over a lot of important thing I said, and it completely blows your argument out of the water.

I did not deny that any of that happens. I blatantly state that when I say, and I quote "Yes, there are those bad actors of the science community that bring politics (no I don't mean department politics, that's inevitable) into what they publish, but the vast, vast, vast majority of actual research articles are not politically charged." Your argument proposes that I believe that this never happens, I clearly stated the opposite, please try harder.

My point, which you either missed out of willful ignorance, or complete incompetency, is that actual sciences (physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, etc. ) have more non-POLITICALLY charged articles published then psychology or sociology.

In my field, organic chemistry, we have our trusted journals, JOCS, JACS, Angewandte, Organic Letters, just to name a few,

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