TIL: People like Forrest Gump were real. In the Vietnam War, a program under LBJ, and McNamara swept through the ghettos of America looking for low IQ people to induct into the Armed Forces; in total 354000 people. Termed "McNamara's Morons" they were KIA at 3x the rate of other soldiers

I, too, thought the documentary was brilliant and it made me think about war and McNamara's atrocities in an entirely different light; I watched it almost every week when I was into every documentary I could get my hands on because I was bored with other genres; but then I got older and got some distance from Fog of War and in that time learned a lot more and got a little more wise. Then I watched it again. Part of me now wonders if the guy was genius level smart am I witnessing and falling for more genius level manipulation? "Preserving nations" and all that. I mean it makes perfect sense, but this man has shown he is capable of doing anything at all costs to "win" and is explaining his legacy through the "winning" looking glass.

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