TIL that people with dementia think that stuff like a black doormat isn’t a doormat, but a deep hole in the floor. Due to these visual perception problems, people with dementia avoid stepping the doormat, and this is sometimes used to keep them from leaving their care facilites.

Sounds like a fantastic idea until the hallway is filled with smoke and the building is burning down and no one can find the exit because someone put a bookshelf in the way. Fire Marshals/Sheriffs and state/provincial inspectors will go to town on this one.

And I am not talking about the dementia patient, I am talking about the employee. Anyone that has ever been in a high-stress emergency situation knows that people don't think clearly or act normally in thos situations. I once had someone walk up holding their own arm and telling me jokes while they were bleeding out. Like, no.. Just sit your ass down here and cover this up and apply pressure, I'm sure the robins outside will still be there for you to feed them later....

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