TIL that the Queen of England has a Champion and in the unlikely event that someone challenged her title to the throne he will fight for her. He is also The Standard Bearer of England and will stand with her should she decide to lead the army in a battle.

If you support my claim, I vow here and now to enact a final solution to the problem we all know exists yet many here won't admit. I will exterminate all the mosquitos on the face of the earth, I will crush their eggs, the larva, the adults, hell il destroy the ones preserved in amber just so we can be sure this menace is eliminated once and for all. The bats will learn to adapt or they will perish, if we perish alongside them we will have done this earth a mercy it has been denied far too long. Mosquitos share the attributes of the rat. If a rat were to scamper in right now would you greet it with hostility? Would any of you lay out a saucer of milk for it and welcome it into your home? I doubt it, you don't like them, you don't know why you hate them but you hate them all the same. Let a new chapter begin where children will no longer have to bathe in deet to play, where men and women can go near a large body of water without worry of these pests. We will clip their wings and send them into the deluge that will become their grave and let their own children feed on their rotting corpses. All I need my brothers and sisters is your momentary support to create lasting change unlike this world has ever seen.

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