TIL that the reason 9/11 worked is because we had a policy back then that if someone wanted to hijack a plane, you were to allow them to do so because the thought was that they wouldn't harm people. No one ever thought someone would intentionally crash a plane.

My first thought when a coworker announced it (she was listening to the radio with headphones) was basically "It finally happened" because I'd been amazed for years that I'd never heard of someone hijacking a plane with the intention of hitting a large structure -- particularly a building. I assumed either it had happened and I didn't hear about it or there were procedures in place that made it difficult or impossible. I have a hard time believing the entirety of the powers that be didn't think anyone would try it. But I think I was probably making an ignorant assumption and just "got lucky" that it looked, in hindsight, like I knew what I was talking about. Say enough shit and something's bound to be spot-on eventually. I'm still really surprised if it's true that they didn't think someone would seriously try it.

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