TIL that Seth Rollins's Rising theme never got to meet the fans in person, as Rollins used it for only a few months during the Thunderdome Era

This song is, unironically, one of my favorite entrance themes-- it's not in my top ten, but it would get an honorable mention. I really enjoy the way the different parts flow into each other and that it's not just a strict 30-second loop-- even though some of 30-second loops by CFO$ are also some of my favorite wrestling themes. Although it did feel odd to hear a Seth Rollins theme without "burn it down" thrown in it (even if I liked his first solo theme more with the pause instead of the shouting, I still got used to hearing the shout).

I didn't really catch a lot of the Messiah character, but the bits I did see made me think the song worked for it.

This all being said, while I wasn't the biggest fan of Visionary when I first heard it, that one has definitely grown on me.

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