TIL show producers gave a homeless man $100,000 to do what he wants; within 6 months he had nearly spent all the money, and he eventually went broke and became homeless again.

Nobody is going after you for not drinking.

Of course they are. This is a charged topic. If we were debating the particulars of easements, and I admitted I'd never really looked into any of the law surrounding my neighbor having a standing agreement to water his crops from my land, none of these people would have any opinions on what a careless idiot I am. This is an accessible law to them, connected with all manner of emotional issues, from feeling insecure about their own drinking in the face of someone who doesn't drink - which I've encountered many times in my life - up to and through being angry about losing someone to a drunk driver - which I've sadly dealt with a handful of times in my life. You're missing a big part of the human condition if you think this has nothing to do with tribe mentality surrounding a hot button topic.

They're going after you for being willfully ignorant of laws

Everyone, including both of us, is willfully ignorant of most laws. Did you immediately call to mind all property laws connected with easements when I mentioned them above? Did you know all of this? Is that even all there is to know? Did you know all of these, which are the laws in place in the state where all of this went down? Are you thinking to yourself "Yeah, but these are the dumb laws no one cares about?" If you are, you're making my point. People care about the drinking laws, so they're jumping on me. It doesn't mean that those laws are relevant to me, personally. Neither are easements. I don't have any. I don't need to know about them. I don't even need to know about drinking laws if I don't want to drive. Those questions were a condition of being allowed onto the road. The law doesn't care if you don't know about BAC if you don't want a license. Children don't need to know these things. People who physically cannot drive don't need to know them. The elderly, long past driving age don't need to know them, nor have a license. The assertion that "everyone needs to know these laws" is demonstrably false.

All I've said is that it's ridiculous that I almost didn't get my license, basically because I don't have the very particular problem that the test was highly concerned with. I didn't say the questions were stupid - people are doing stupid things, so we have to try to come up with something to curb their destructive behavior. I go much further. Get caught drinking and driving, lose your license for life. I'd prefer that. No one else will, because they want to drink and drive, at least a little bit. If my idea for the law made you angry, you want leniency around drinking and driving, and the laws you champion don't mean as much to you as they - in the end - actually mean to me.

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