TIL Steve Jobs believed that his commitment to vegan diets meant his body was flushed of mucus and he was free from body odor, so he didn't need to wear deodorant or shower regularly. His former coworkers quote that he was 'very, very wrong'

I agree and disagree. I had Ulcerative Colitis and I know many people who went the “doctor route” for It and ended up losing their colon or having to be on a dozen different pills just to avoid going a day without shitting their pants a handful of times. I went the 100% natural route after seeing how their quality of life is, and I’m happy to say 8 months later (doctor confirmed) I’m 100% better with 0 traces of it ever being there.

I do agree though that it’s always best to prevent, rather than deal with any illness. Most of my experiences with doctors have made me completely lose faith in them, where as many naturopaths I’ve been to/family have been to have been able to cure everything from Eczema, Severe anxiety/depression, my Ulcerative Colitis and more.
(This might be all over the place, I’ve been up for over 18 hours and I’m in need of some serious sleep.)

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