TIL Stone crabs aren't killed for their meat. You simply remove one claw and throw them back in. They will eventually regrow their claw making them a renewable resource.

No one is out there intentionally torturing their animals that are their livelihood. That's just idiotic.

I don’t blame you for thinking that and I may even agree with you that people aren’t doing it for pleasure but rather to just speed up the process.

But the fact animals aren’t being tortured to provide us meat is just untrue.

Simply look at chicken farms to see how they are treated. They’re stuck in a room with no light and are over fed and pumped with hormones in order to encourage larger thighs and breasts. Many of them die from the over crowding. Many end up weighing too much to even be able to walk. They are then killed to feed us. Is this existence itself not torture?

Or the dairy cow, again, they are overcrowded with no room to move. Fed, milked and then once they can no longer produce milk they are killed for their meat.

Fish factories are probably the worst of the worst. We hook the fish through their mouths while they are still alive while they go down the line to eventually be killed by cutting open their bellies. The reason we are so cavalier with fish like this is likely because they can’t scream so we can’t hear the they’re in pain.

Another example is this video of us ripping a claw off a crab and throwing it back into the water but the reason I didn’t use that is cause a lot of people believe crabs and other sea creatures can’t feel pain (which is still debated).

Anyway, I’d take a look more into it if you are at all interested.

I personally do eat meat but very recently (less than a month) have started purchasing more ethically instead of from stores that support this. I understand that not everyone can afford to that though since this is often more costly per pound.

I’m just saying you should be aware of it and not deny it. Cutting down meat consumption can even help.

Not everyone is willing to do that though and I understand. It’s delicious and easily accessible.

Hopefully you learned something though.

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