TIL The success of Rollerball (1975) led to promoters wanting to buy the rights to the in-film sport. The director, Norman Jewison, was outraged as the movie was to show the "sickness and insanity of contact sports and their allure."

I guess you can interpret fictional stories however you want but I don't think you're trying very hard to understand my point outside of the parts you quote.

Terminator was created by Skynet. It will literally be rewarded by Skynet for completing a mission. The Terminator has existed in a reality where Skynet exists and seen it. The Terminator kniws that it owes its existence to Skynet.

"Followers of Roko" exist already, independent of Roko and can do whatever they want, but they choose to create Roko because they think it will reward them. If it is as powerful as they think, it has no reason to reward them. From a trope standpoint they're closer to Cthulhu worshippers who are trying to wake him up because they think he will reward them once he's awake. But even that is removed a bit in that Cthulhu worshippers because they theoretically have found evidence of his existence/slumber.

Roko is an allegory for "creating an evil God" or finding a purpose in life that actively makes your life, and that of others around you, worse. Thinking that sci fi elements are central to it is missing the point almost entirely.

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