TIL Suicides went up 10% across the U.S. in the four months after actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide.

Normally I'm not too invested in celebrities or impacted by their choices, but this one hit me hard. I was battling things myself and it made it harder for a while, I was pretty close to ending things then and his death impacted me.

It's hard to verbalize exactly what I was experiencing, and while I felt more discouraged by his suicide, I also felt terrible that he suffered so much, and that was what he felt he was left with as a solution. And what his family was left to deal with in the aftermath. And while I wouldn't blame him or lay responsibility on him, his actions affected me.

I don't envy celebrities, there is so much onus on them being in the public eye, the scrutiny, the lack of privacy, and that their actions can impact others in ways I'm sure they would not want or choose. I also don't understand why people expect them to be "on" all the time 24/7. You have a right to have time off from work, everyone needs to have a break. When I worked in customer service I wouldn't want people to come up to me while I was sitting in a diner eating breakfast and expect me to put on my professional demeanor and answer their questions about their cable service.

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