TIL There is a network of colleges that advocate the use of open licensed textbooks with professors adopting these books into their curriculum. As more textbooks are adopted, eventually students will less likely have to buy textbook for their courses in the future

I had 5 years between finishing bachelors and starting masters and I was so surprised how much the price of books jumped in that time. The first semester, when my books were over $200 each, I thought well these science books were always a little bit more expensive. But, no every book in ferry class was at least $180. I think my stats book broke $300. I rented it, because I guess that had become a thing. We used to just buy and sell them back. Renting them is probably because they can charge you infinite late return fees if you forget to give it back I imagine. Anyway, I spilled a spit cup full of Copenhagen juices on it, and I was worried they would make me pay for it, but I got away with it.

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