TIL that Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian Ethnographer, sailed from Peru to Polynesia on an primitive balsa wood raft to prove that ancient trans-oceanic travel was possible. When experts called it a fluke, he made an Egyptian reed boat and sailed it from Morocco to Central America to prove them wrong.

I very clearly remember being taught he was a racist dickhead who wanted to prove Hawaiians were too stupid to navigate against the current , and must have drifted there. This would have backed up his belief that Polynesians were from South America, not Asia. Most anthropologists today through DNA and artifacts can prove Polynesians originate from Asia, specifically Taiwan. He might have “made it” crashing on to some deserted island on his balsa raft. But Hawaiians have proved for years after that with their ancient knowledge they can sail to and from Asia and all throughout the Pacific successfully so I really dont get why we should celebrate this guy lol

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