TIL unfrosted Pop Tarts have more calories and fat than frosted Pop Tarts. The unfrosted ones have a slightly thicker crust to make up for the lack of frosting.

Why are people always complaining about sugar in ketchup? Ketchup is sugary by definition - that's what makes it taste like ketchup and not slightly-vinegary tomato paste.

If you don't want a sweet condiment, just don't use ketchup. Or sweet barbecue sauce. Or sweet relish. Or 99.9% of the products that people complain about having "added sugars" as if it's some hidden secret, when anyone with taste buds can tell that they're sweetened, and removing the sweetener would turn them into something else entirely.

There are plenty of non-sweet alternatives with flavour profiles that are actually designed to be palatable without sugar. People who are worried about sugar should be buying those, not asking for weird shit like unsweetened ketchup.

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