TIL that until 2013, Shark Tank required 5% equity of all companies - just to pitch in the show. Lawyers at ABC later changed the requirement after Mark Cuban gave them an ultimatum — remove the equity clause or "I'm not coming back."

You realize the far right has built a huge prison state and has effectively disarmed anyone they don’t agree with right? Poor people and minorities fill our prisons and when they’re released they lose the right to be armed. Those who are part of the right will never have to worry about their weapons being take. Because they are the ones who would be taking them from the groups they oppose.

Illegal immigrants are an easy and misunderstood target. A majority are here on expired credentials while trying to be here legally. It can take 20 years to get legal documentation. That’s absurd. But black and white extremists from the right don’t give a fuck. “Deport then as soon as they’re no longer legal!” That’s ridiculous. The process is broken and it remains broken because fixing it eliminates an easy target for the rights ire. Fixing it would make stupid shit like a border wall a non issue.

I’ll take m Smedley Butler “propaganda” and my personal views formed from being a soldier in the Middle East during our shameful invasion over your pro hate, pro xenophobic, pro police brutality, pro prison state, pro never ending war, pro empire propaganda anyday. Sure it’s destructive. I hope it destroys everything about your insane death cult.

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