TIL- UPS delivery has a 92% bad rating on Trust Pilot with over 24,000 Reviews

UPS in my area basically stopped delivering anything that required a signature. They drive up, click "person not home" on whatever system they use and drive away. I complained many times and they stick to the "you weren't home" bullshit line regardless of what I say.

Here's the rub: I work from home now, we have an intercom in our building with our names clearly displayed, UPS requires a phone number which they could call. They make literally ZERO attempt to contact me when something requires a signature.

The most hilarious example: at one point I was determined to catch them in the act and followed the delivery truck using their own GPS tracking thing. When I saw the truck get to my building and start unloading the non-signature packages into the lobby and I rand down. I caught the guy JUST as he was finishing and said "hey, you have a package for me that requires a signature" He looked at me blankly and literally said "yeah, you weren't home." Fucker reluctanty gave me my package and claimed that the two previous times I wasn't home either. Literally looking at me and telling me "you weren't home."

Complaining to the phone line did nothing except I think I'm now blocked from using their GPS tracking thing (or they discontinued it). Garbage company.

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