TIL Walton family is $250 billion as of 2021, making them the richest family in the world.

Well, I know for a fact (in the tech/science places I've worked) there are MANY people with Asperger's that rarely act like douche bags, and are well liked (even highly loveable and admired) by those around them--even if they also seem very different and quirky!

On the otherhand... did I sound too judgemental of Elon above, and not understanding enough of his Asperger's? Yes, fair enough: I think I did.

But the main reason for that, is mostly because admittedly...

I've learnt that if you talk about Elon on the Internet in most places, without first honestly acknowledging that he's really rubbed many people the wrong way (including past wives, and followers on Twitter), then people who don't know about his achievements, will NOT be receptive to any praises of Elon what-so-ever, since it's obvious one is trying to hide the glaring negative aspects about Elon. Which are pretty negative at times!

And... so... I guess... A) Because of Asperger's or B) because Asperger's plays no role... either way he's been a real douche sometimes!

But ya, in the end, his douche baggery antics usually don't bother me for too long (usually), since there's a flurry of more positive and innovative news between his douche incidents, that usually redeem him, partly at least!

(Until the other shoe drops again... and he makes headlines about having treated the next wife/GF badly, or makes the next insanely weird twitter comment!)

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