TIL that the wet wipe industry and sewerage companies are fighting over what it means to be “flushable” with the sewerage companies claiming that they had to remove lumps as big as 10 tons from their sewer systems.

Occasionally a guy who has 'had enough' goes on a tank rampage or a bulldozer rampage and it is on TV. You will find me on my couch with a beer, cheering him on. And then the next morning I'll take a post beer shit and flush some wet wipes down the pipes along with it. I'm antisocial. Proudly so. I'm on the 'prosocial' behavior strike until fag marriage, babykilling, high taxes, and nonwhite immigration is ended. Until then, I am a proud cold civil warrior, and whatever antisocial thing I can do and get away with, I will do. I litter all the time, throw wrappers out my car window, check the rear-view to make sure the next car is too far behind me ot see, I'm a pro. Everyone can suck on my semen encrusted wet wipe lump until society is taken back from the shitlibs. We are at war with the libtards, not in some state of 'societal cooperation'. Consider my wet wipe terrorism freedom fighting, guerilla sewerage, asymmetric warfare tactics. One man's 10 ton wet wipe lump is another man's divine justice for those sewerage company employees supporting liberalism. The political economy of wet wipe lumps, when the lump hits the pipe, the rubber hits the road, sending a clear message to the powers that be, freedom!

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