TIL when Republicans in Congress sponsored legislation making lynching a federal crime, Democrats filibustered the bill and defeated it.

Southern Strategy:

The Southern strategy is often misunderstood because of an interview with Lee Atwater in which he uses the term "nigger nigger". Some who do not understand what he is saying consider this snippet to mean the GOP is embracing racism to attract disaffected Dixiecrat voters.

That assumption is incorrect. What Atwater was saying in plain English was that the GOP DOES NOT have to resort to pleases to racism to attract disenchanted southern democrat voters. The GOP had to only appeal to economic issues to attract them.

The link I provided proved that there was no Southern Strategy to use racism because the data proved that the shift of southern democrats to the GOP was NOT as a result of the civil rights movement. The shift was a long continuous 4 decade process.

Please consider the logic of this. Why would any party embrace a tiny portion of the voting public (racists) at the expense of offending 95+ percent of the voting public? Such a strategy would doom a party to failure.

If conservatives are so opposed to big government and government spending

You have to realize that the GOP does not equal Conservative. The GOP consists of several factions including big spending establishment RINOs such as McCain, Christie, Bush, etc, the Tea Party Conservatives than want smaller, less expensive, less intrusive government, Libertarians etc.

Conservative Tea Party opposes expansion of government regardless of if it is proposed by the Left or the establishment wing of the GOP.

equate socialism to communism which its not.

According to Marx, socialism is an intermediary step on the political continuum towards communism. All socialists aren't communists but all communists are socialist. As a Conservative, I oppose all forms of socialism or communism.

You need to study some history man. Europe has thrived under social democracy so has canada.

Are you including the noted socialist regimes of the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, Hitler's nazis Germany, Castro's Cuba, Mussolini's Italy? Those regimes are responsible for the deaths of 150 million people over the past century.

Please don't confuse full socialist states with socialist lite systems such as Scandinavia or Canada. Such systems can afford social welfare because they are rich countries who do not have to pay for their military security. Such states are not paradises. They are dealing with very real economic issues, declining population, and a deteriorating immigration policy that allows non integrating outsiders to change their societies. Such systems are not likely to survive.

I believe that the Tea Party movement is a response to a black man in the Oval Office and conservative appeasement of these whack jobs has done a serious disservice to the right. I used to consider myself a centrist until people like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin hijacked the gop and all the Anti-scientific and pro-religious sentiments were amplified and became central to the party.

  1. Can you provide proof that the Tea Party is racist? No such proof exists.

    1. The Tea Party stands for 3 things"

Lower taxes, less regulation, and smaller government.

I am a hard core Tea Party Conservative. I am also an atheist, a scientist, I don't give a shit who smokes what or who marries who.

Conservatives are not anti science. We believe that the issue of climate change has become polluted with political ideology and thus the data can't be trusted. The solutions to climate change proposed by the Left involve massive tax increases and empowerment of elites.

Conservatives believe Liberals are wrong.

Liberals believe Conservatives are evil.

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