TIL WWE used the real life stabbing of TNA wrestler Johnny Devine as the influence behind the 2004 John Cena "nightclub stabbing" angle

"WWE ran an angle where John Cena was stabbed in a nightclub. Johnny approached the high ranking brass in TNA, looking to cut a promo on John Cena, but they declined. He was finally given the chance to speak out on the situation by Bert Prentice, the promotor of USA Championship Wrestling. Johnny came out dressed like John Cena, and cut a promo in front of no more than forty people. Regardless of how many fans were in attendance, the promo got back to Cena, and has caused subsequent heat with the WWE that exists to this day. He was back in action after just three months, and wrestled AJ Styles in his return match. Colt asks if Johnny—being older and wiser now—would have waited longer before making his return. Johnny says, “It was literally retarded—and excuse that word—but I was just making poor life decisions abound when I was younger.” The conversation comes to a close."


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