Timberwolves media member Robert Covington had a question for Karl-Anthony Towns: "How much do I bail you out on defense?”

neither position has hard facts on the situation. i'm literally only responding to all these people making kat look like a big victim in this situation. from everything i have watched, KAT wasn't able to be professional when faced with adversity from another teammate. what I have to defend my position is footage of them on the court together not arguing, not screaming, nothing. no jimmy butler assaulting KAT, no jimmy butler screaming at KAT, just KAT shrinking. foh with that "omg toxic" garbage. it's toxic for all these people to spam this shit like KAT is some poor, mistreated soul that needs to have every message delivered to him a perfect way otherwise its toxic. the real assumption is the assumption that KAT was being wronged the entire time and thus couldn't perform.

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