Time to defeat those seven exes

There has been at least 3 that have chimed in. The first was Chai who was somewhat validated in that Normal Boots acknowledged she sent a complaint in last month and they have also subsequently fired him and scrubbed him from the site.

Chai literally has zero evidence to support this and no one has been forthcoming of the substance of the complaint. This isn't evidence. This is hearsay.

Charlie was the second who was Chai's friend. I didn't really follow that one so much.

Charlie never revealed their age to ProJared, this is explicitly outlined by charlie themself. And it happened with both the knowledge, and the permission of Heidi.

The last was this thread from a burner account that had some pics and claims to have contacted the Department of Justice

Literally /b/ tier evidence from someone anonymous with no way of verifying any of it was true. There have been more convincing shitposts.

None of this is evidence of child grooming or even coercion. None of it.

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