Time for some Aliens, Prions, Covid, and a little dash of CIA.

As crazy as it sounds initially, this is all very detailed and makes perfect. Adding to your theory- what triggered UFO constant coverage / 'aliens wouldn't be a big deal' in the mainstream media?

It wasn't random. The UFO Pentagon report disclosure mandate stuff was stuffed in the coronavirus aid bill.... in other words, it was a response to the coronavirus in some way, which makes sense if they are gearing the public up to not be terrified when aliens come down here to cull those of us prioned out, and to treat those who can be saved.

As many in DC already know, the Greys have been experimenting with humans, likely trying to get to a hybrid race that has some of our characteristics they like - their world is dying out or something - is another theory and so they need to find a new place to live, and they want a hybrid human-Grey population here eventually. Their 50-70 years of experimenting on us is all for nought if we all end up dead of prion disease like some mad cows or deer.

Just a shame their 'we come in peace' message is going to be 'we come in peace, but now we must cull some of you.' Who knows maybe they have a total cure for this. They are 100s of years ahead of us, not much on empathy but super smart and obviously respect us enough that they literally want to be us, in a sense.

This was the Deus ex machina save from COVID none of us would have guessed, but your thinking seems clear... makes more sense than my theory that it was to ruin the memory of the masses. Probably unintentional, Fauci will go down as a destroyer of humanity if this isn't fixed.

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