It's Time to Impeach Trump

Clinton lied under oath about a blow job, while being investigated for a bad real estate deal, where he was found innocent of any wrongdoing. Now Republicans complain about potential perjury traps against Trump, since he's incapable of telling the truth. But if we're gonna talk perjury, then Congress should immediately start impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh.

Trump's laziness is absolutely impeachable, as he isn't fulfilling his duty as president. He put Pelosi's life at risk by vindictively leaking her overseas travel plans. He tweeted a picture of a SEAL team, putting their identities at risk. He ordered a raid in Yemen against all military advice, which killed a Navy SEAL, because he needed a distraction. He's also burned an undercover operative, by sharing highly classified intelligence with Russian diplomats. That last constitutes a pattern, as he's repeatedly let slip classified information to impress his donors.

He completely failed with North Korea, legitimizing their regime, and risked a madman attacking the US, because he thigh good diplomacy was name calling on Twitter. His complete inability to do his job effectively is grounds for impeachment.

And again, he's an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony, that lead to a jail sentence for his personal lawyer. Directing a felony is a felony. He's also admitted to breaking the Emoluments clause, which is another impeachable offense.

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