time to panic on Cooper Kupp?

If you want to use that argument be more equal and take out his worst and best game to remove his two largest outliers. Given that he's had (in 0.5 PPR) a 3.7 and 8.1 pt games, 6.8 is not a massive outlier. But since he's had only one game above 30 (again 0.5 PPR) that could be seen as much of an outlier as his 0 point game.

Yeah that's still a bad argument, but removing a single game or a couple games is not a good argument in general. The games happened, so look for trends in why the weird games happened. Goff got pressured like crazy the past two games that Kupp has sucked. That probably won't happen much over the next 3 weeks, but weeks 15 and 16 against Dallas and SF will be rough for that reason. Not impossible that Chark finishes better ROS given how bad Goff is against pressure.

Also no guarantee Cooks will return soon

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