Time of Troubles - Update 1

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Season of Birth: Black Season +3 Will Upbringing: The Spare +150 Power 2 Shooter Units Free Items: Enchanted Firearm (Free)

Dynasty: Vasnetsov Dynasty +3 Glory +1 Honor +1 Will Branch: Sviatoslavovich Once a year you will be able to choose a skill you already have and improve your mastery of it, even possibly granting you knowledge ahead of your time.

Skills: Administration FREE Diplomacy -50 Power Strategy FREE Protection FREE Erudition -50 Power Theology -50 Power Logistics -75 Power Leadership -75 Power Riding -50 Power

Religion: Cult of Svarog +2 Glory +1 Honor +3 Will +3 Skills

Government: Hereditary Monoarchy +5 Provinces +Can set 3 to Crown Holdings +Increased effects from your bloodline power +2500 Money +2500 Military Current Money/Military/Power: 2500/2500/-200 Knyazes: War with false Nestor +2 Will

Provinces: Black End: Pop: 9k Rel: Pagan Cul: Black Klobuk Ter: Steppe STATUS: Frontier +700 Military +700 Military Wild Field: Pop: 50k Rel: Sacramental Cul: Cossack Ter: Steppe STATUS: Crown Holding +150 Money +550 Military +550 Money (From Rurik Askoldyr) Wyrmland: Pop: 75K Rel: Pagan Cul: Svetlanian Ter: Forest STATUS: Capital +500 Money x2 +450 Military x2 Saray: Pop: 25K Rel: Sacramental Cul: Black Klobuk Ter: Steppe STATUS: Crown Holding +500 Money +400 Military Long Shore: Pop: 20K Rel: Sacramental Cul: Cossack Ter: Steppe STATUS: Crown Holding +50 Money +600 Military +600 Money (From Rurik Askoldyr) Final Military: 3850 + 2500 = 6350 Final Money: 2850 + 2500 = 5350 Council: Bookkeeper Spymaster -200 Money Exile -500 Money Current Money: 4550 Vassals: Nikita Popov 10/17 Command 9/17 Administration 11/17 Loyalty +2 Honor Runs: Saray

Rurik Askoldyr
    15/17 Command
    14/17 Administration
    3/17 Loyalty
    +Adds value of military to money in his holdings
    Runs: Black End, Long Shore

Spouse: Sarnay +Gain an alliance with the Tugarin Horde +Cost of all Black Klobuk units lowered by 50% +Gain 50 Resource per each steppe province that you have ++ 200 Power ++ 200 Money ++ 200 Military -Can no longer make diplomatic arrangements with other knyazes except delcaring war on them Current Mo/Mi/Po: 4750/6350/0 Diplomacy: Tugarian Horde: Alliance (FREE) Theodosian Empire: Neutral (FREE) Kingdom of Norseland: Strained +2 Will

Buildings: Stone Wall -500 Money Kremlin -400 Money Port -250 Money Stables -450 Money Temple -300 Money School -350 Money Total: -2250 Money Current: 2500 Money Units: Melee: Regiment Footmen -1400 Military #4000 Dismounted Voivode -450 Military #100 Cavalry: Tsar Guard -1000 Military #100 Regiment Horsemen -1600 Military #5000 Ranged: Archers (FREE) #500 Berdiche Riflemen (FREE) #500 Siege: Landships -300 Military #100 Pagan: Pagan Vityaz -750 Military #100 Caster: Volkhv Circle -300 Military #100 Black Klobuks: Karakaplak Cavalry -175 Military #500 Temnik Guard -375 Military #100

Bogatyr: Kolyvan +1 Will +1 Glory +Has Other Side creature allies +Myth Slayer

Military Advisor: Hero of Might and Magic +Can lead an army of any size/composition +Expert at using magic in battle +Can hold his own against a hundred people at once -Will take too much time thinking on the battlefield

Laws and Decisions: Thrice Ninth Tsardom -2500 Money

Revolt Risk: +20% from Religion +10% from Culture -10% from Honor -135% from Units

Final Main Stats: Glory: 6 Honor: 2 Will: 10

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