That time when Microsoft wanted people to host Windows 7 launch parties

Guy: "Come to my Windows 7 launch party, it'll be great. We install Windows 7 and discuss all its features, in a contrived manner, as if someone is listening to and watching us"

Guy 2: "Wtf, okay? Well I have nothing else going on, sure."

At party

Guy 1:... and now for the unveiling of the altar to Bill Gates! Feast you eyes on his glorious image, my Microsoft acolytes!

Guy 2: Yaaaawn

Guy 3: "Heil Bill Gates!"

Token Black Guy: "Heil corporate!"

Guy 4: "Heil Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, brave eugenicist and altruist. Sieg heil!"

Guy 1:... and Heil Satan, without whom, none of this would be possible! The phoenix will rise from the ashes and herald in a new world order!

Guy 2: "What in the fuck have I gotten myself into?"

Everyone starts chanting.

Guy 1: "Would you do us the honor of getting the sacrificial lamb from the basement, Guy 2?

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