Times: "The ADHD Fallacy: It’s Time To Stop Treating Childhood as a Disease"

I was young. Probably about 10 or 11 and was a straight A student. And like most kids I understood that school was an impediment to freedom and I didn't want to be there. So I'd finish my work and without disturbing the others around me I would just kind of do my own thing. Reading, drawing, things like that. My teacher really didn't care for that and with my tendency to question authority it led to my mom bring called in for a meeting. The shit he said that day will always stick with me about how I was very "disruptive", never turned in my assignments, constantly challenged authority, things like that. He told my mother, " Your son is showing all the symptoms of ADHD, which is a pretty serious behavioral disorder which is starting to interfere with others." Prick. Later that week I had a doctors appointment which was just a physical check-up and a long list of yes and no questions directed towards my mother regarding my behaviour. After that, they stepped out of the room to talk and a few moments later I had a prescription for Adderall. I started taking it the next day and the first things I noticed were I couldn't sit still, nor could I eat. In class I was constantly fidgeting and couldn't really focus on anything. That night I couldn't sleep well either. That continued for a couple weeks until I built up a tolerance to it. Back to the doctor. New prescription, higher dose. Take it, tolerance, higher dose, repeat was the trend for a while. The higher the dose, the less I ate, slept, or did anything really. It got so bad I had two "up" pills throughout the day and one "down" pill for the night. Which was some kind of sedative or something like that. That led to severe depression and a host of other things. They caused dry mouth and excessive tooth grinding which I really didn't know I was doing most of the time. It happened a lot in my sleep. That caused a shit load of cavities and broken teeth. And, as of writing this, I still have over $20,000 dollars worth of dental work I need done. It also caused severe dehydration and constipation. Which led to a laxative prescription. Which led to more dehydration. It wasn't until they did a blood test for lead poisoning that the found out it was dehydration. There were a few times I would just cheek it and spit out it for a few days but it never lasted long on account of the horrible withdrawals. I'm pretty sure it stunted my growth since I was abnormally short for my age. I went from an A average to straight F's. I was pretty much a zombie. Just a suffering shell of a human being. I attempted suicide twice just to try to escape it. Keep in mind I was 10 or 11 at the time. The greatest day of my life was when they switched my from Adderall to Concerta, simply because the Concerta didn't work. Now don't get me wrong though, despite all I've been through because of it, I fucking love Amphetamines in all of its forms. Meth, dextro, sulfate, paste, powder, pill. I seriously wish I was joking with that last sentence. I'm pretty sure that early experience with drugs led to my " I'm going to try every drug ever" phase. And I mean that literally. A few buddies and I set out to try all or as many drugs off the Erowid vaults list as we could. I'm pretty sure we got close.

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