Times where you were turned off by body odor..

Scent is a powerful motivator/de-motivator in all animals. I recall once I had a crush on a very lovely lady in the office. I always wanted her and found her so exciting. Alas I could not have her because she was married and I am not about getting with married people. A few years later out of the blue I learn that she had recently divorced. I got up the nerve and asked her out. To my surprise she accepted and i was beside myself. We hit it off and soon after started having some really hot sex. She was a very clean person and had good hygiene. However this one time I went down on her and she had what i can only describe as a ripe underarm BO smell going on down there. It was like someone flipped a light switch. I was immediately turned off and had a hard time finishing. I couldn't bring myself to ever try to have sex with her again because my brain associated her pussy with a ripe armpit. I was completely disgusted. It ruined our relationship because i no longer wanted to touch her sexually. I did not have the heart to tell her so I made up something and she pretty much hated my guts after that.

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